Osprey Nest Mediation

Assisting individuals in effectively resolving a conflict with an ex-partner, family member, or current partner, employer, or service provider through mediation.

Mediation in Families

Assisting individuals in reaching a consensual agreement about separation and divorce, children, finances and possessions.

Mediation in the Workplace

Assuring that workplace relationships may be healed and maintained for the benefit of the entire team, not just individuals in dispute.

Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters

We bring people together to speak efficiently and to reach a peaceful, mutually beneficial agreement.

Child Mediation

We provide online family mediation to people who want assistance with child custody agreements during a separation or divorce.

Osprey Nest Mediation Services is happy to participate in the Ministry of Justice’s voucher system, which allows you to receive up to £500.00 towards the cost of your mediation case. https://lakesmediation.co.uk/

The voucher scheme is available for a short period to assist people in resolving child custody disputes through mediation.

Only accredited family mediators are eligible to participate in the voucher system.

To determine your eligibility, you must schedule an MIAM. https://workplacemediations.co.uk/

90% of our clients reach a mutually beneficial deal.

Effective Communication

Our mediation services will de-escalate any disagreement and equip you with the tools necessary to conduct productive dialogues. Finally, this will assist you in creating an agreement that everyone will adhere to and is delighted with.

Rapid response and resolution

We recognise that disagreement may impact both your personal and professional lives. Our knowledgeable and efficient team is always available to answer your questions and will work with you to achieve an agreement as quickly as possible. It takes up to a fourth of the time required by conventional procedures.

Defined limits

Our agreements are unambiguous, simple to comprehend, and incredibly detailed. This eliminates any doubt about the agreements reached and, in some cases, eliminates the need for additional costly legal expenditures.

You're undoubtedly having a difficult time right now, which is why we've simplified our approach.

Step 1

Arrange for a free same-day mediation consultation now.

Step 2

We will discuss your alternatives and schedule your mediation sessions accordingly.

Step 3

Please come prepared with an open mind to the sessions. We will be there to assist and advise you throughout the process.