Psychological wellbeing pros have a prosperity of worthwhile, even essential, information and facts and expertise in which quite a few folks are in need.

One-on-one particular remedy is only a person way we can deliver this skills and assistance.

There are a selection of probable strategies therapists can develop revenue streams although sharing their abilities, skills and expertise with folks in need.

Some of these strategies are classic and typical, but other folks are relatively ground breaking techniques therapists are commencing to set their abilities to great use. In accomplishing so, they are developing profits streams.

Standard Expert services

Although its time for therapists to consider out of the box and build new products and services that creatively fulfill the felt requirements of specialized niche marketplaces, there is a area for the conventional therapeutic solutions.

These contain psychotherapy for the DSM diagnoses, psychological screening and evaluation, relationship and family members remedy and behavioral wellbeing treatment.

And, certainly, persons will forgo managed-treatment reimbursement and shell out out of pocket for services that are of bigger value for the reason that they are bigger high-quality, provide true privacy and are genuinely custom-made for the particular person wants.

Just one of the frustrations I listen to from psychological well being treatment assistance customers is that they cannot obtain a specialized therapist in their managed-treatment insurance network.

It’s as if managed care’s philosophy is, “We will aid you obtain access to psychotherapy, but we will not care regardless of whether the therapist we join you with is a specialist. A generalist is good.”

Established by yourself aside and demonstrate your accurate value in the market via specialization. Lots of men and women in the current market for treatment benefit specialization.

Getting Posted

A ebook is a strong way to affect lives. It is also a superior way to build reliability, emphasize your observe and services and position on your own in your specialized niche.

And, it can be less difficult than you believe if you self-publish. It has become extremely affordable to do so, and it places you in demand of the material, price tag and reprints.

It can essentially be a lot more financially rewarding, as well. You hold just about every greenback above your expenditures. If you went by way of a major publisher who sells a couple thousand publications, you would only get the author’s rate. You can make as significantly promoting a number of hundred copies of a self-published reserve by yourself.

If your e-book is prosperous, you might even appeal to a substantial publisher to consider over your reserve.

Composing a e-book opens doors to talking engagements, media options and a status in your niche sector.

It also allows you to crystallize your imagining and boosts your efficiency as a practitioner it really is a excellent physical exercise in that sense. You will study a ton the two in breadth and depth.

Consider the opportunity now to brainstorm strategies for a e-book which is inside you.

It isn’t going to have to be extended. 1 hundred pages is plenty.


Training classes part-time at a community college or college can be an interesting stream of profits.

I have been training as adjunct faculty in the Health practitioner of Psychology (Psy.D.) system at Widener University outside Philadelphia for many years and discover it both equally fulfilling and fulfilling.

Assume about spots of exclusive desire on which you could educate a course. Classes that adjunct faculty train can be main curriculum in a graduate application, an undergraduate class or an elective.

I discover that aspect-time professors who are practitioners have a large amount to offer you due to the fact they are immersed in what they educate. Pupils appear to recognize this as well.


E-publications are an additional medium in which you can package deal and share specialized facts.

And e-book is a written piece of details that is dispersed via the web electronically. It is offered free of charge or for a price tag (generally $10 to $30) on a internet web page.

You can also submit an e-guide to web websites that checklist hundreds of e-guides to make them accessible to the community.

Tens of 1000’s of e-textbooks are downloaded each individual calendar year, and are changing life for the far better.

Possibly you can make yours 1 of them.

Do you have a answer to a particular issue or can you analysis the solutions?

The finest e-textbooks share solutions to a particular difficulty.

E-book subject areas I have heard of not long ago consist of: how to write a eulogy, how to cope with a hysterectomy and the subject matter of recovering from fibromyalgia.

These are e-books prepared by non-psychological wellness industry experts. Consider what info psychotherapists can supply in this just-in-time structure.

E-guides charge pretty very little to make and nothing at all to distribute. You can connect the file for an e-reserve to an email or make it downloadable from a web internet site.

A fantastic e-book is not extensive. Numerous of the finest are 10 to 35 pages extended.

E-textbooks provide limited solutions to challenges viewers want to solve, and are available to people speedily.

Good e-publications are unique and do not have normal details. The crucial to marketability is speaking your precise response to a particular difficulty.


E-Courses are similar to e-textbooks, but they may possibly be lengthier and sent to viewers a person segment at a time. As the name indicates, these can be formatted as guided self-study packages.

E-programs allow for the written content to be built-in about a specific time period of time. Every lesson can be a basic report or extra in-depth with guided self-examine. Create amongst 5 and 10 lessons, and you have a superior e-program.

Composed by a professional, a fantastic e-system can bridge the gap between a reader learning new details and the reader implementing that info to his/her existence and making a behavioral improve.

Personal Coaching

In sports activities, coaching is vital to assistance an athlete establish a successful technique, develop capabilities and execute the prepare. The coach understands how the athlete can development and shift forward. He/she urges the athlete to established significant goals and delivers determination, assistance, emphasis and encouragement.

About the previous 10 yrs, the field of skilled coaching in personalized advancement and company arenas has grown enormously.

What is coaching? Private coaching is a 1-on-just one expert connection in which a shopper is assisted in reaching a private, company or occupation purpose.

What is the difference amongst coaching and treatment? While coaches often aid folks with challenges and difficulties of several types, they do not try to assistance persons prevail over difficulties relevant to diagnosable situations as uncovered in the DSM.

Instead, coaches support effectively-operating people to achieve larger ranges of achievement and satisfaction in their individual life, enterprises or careers.

Whilst remedy is remedial and restorative, coaching is developmental and progress-oriented.

Remedy heals psychological and psychological infirmities, although coaching assists balanced folks obtain much more or reach crucial ambitions.

Own coaches perform with shoppers on a huge assortment of troubles, these as coping with a issue or disaster, focusing their efforts on accomplishment, creating vocation transitions, living additional fulfilled lives, achieving lifetime plans and constructing greater interactions.

Other coaches guide individuals with small business development or managerial or leadership progress. These coaches are termed business coaches or govt coaches.

When coaching is not usually centered on psychology, it often is. And numerous of the techniques a mentor utilizes are the competencies in which therapists are skilled. So, there is appreciable overlap amongst coaching and therapy.

This is why lots of psychologists, counselors and therapists have identified coaching beautiful and transitioned into coaching both solely or as a section of their apply blend. I am a person of them.
In many methods, therapists have an excellent track record to be coaches. But the differences between coaching and remedy are sizeable and vital to retain in brain.

Therapists can make wonderful coaches simply because of their insights into human inspiration and conduct, their comprehension of human progress and lifetime transitions, their conversation and partnership ability and their feeling of expert ethics, expertise foundation and practical experience in helping persons.

Are living Workshops, Retreats, Trainings

Presenting stay occasions these as seminars, workshops, retreats and coaching applications can be a very beneficial stream of money.

And, it can be a powerful way to affect peoples’ life.

The team setting lets learners to interact with your product and gain from the collective information and working experience of the group.

Stay applications can also be an introduction to your other companies. Brief systems, this sort of as a “lunch and understand,” can be delivered for free of charge as a strong marketing and advertising auto for your exercise.

As a therapist, if you have developed and packaged your information into a system as recommended previously, you have the makings of a wonderful seminar or workshop.

Why not eliminate two birds with one particular stone?

Endorsing a workshop or retreat is advertising and marketing your observe at the similar time — and may perhaps be psychologically simpler to do.

Contemplate introducing a write-up-instruction factor to your plan. It could be a follow-up mini-workshop, a sequence of workshops or a person-on-a single operate.

You can leverage the strength of a dwell event in quite a few means for more revenue streams.

And, it is possible that some members will opt for to function with you immediately after the event is in excess of.

You will want to casually existing your other choices at the event. You may perhaps make it a lot easier for them by acquiring a signal-up sheet.


A teleseminar (also called a teleclass) is a seminar held more than the phone, like a conference call.

The edge of a teleseminar is the comfort. No a person has to commute and the buyers dial to a bridge line at the specified time. No physical accommodations want be arranged you only need to rent a telephone bridgeline.

Teleseminars can incorporate people from all above the country, even internationally, at the similar time.

Courses are normally 60 minutes extensive, but can differ. Often teleseminars are presented in a multi-class collection.

Teleseminars are a different way to supply your packaged information and introduce people today to your providers. Teleseminars can be supplied for free to appeal to prospective clients and let them sample your providers.

See [ for examples of what various professionals are offering. Or, do a search on Google for teleseminars or teleclasses. There are hundreds to browse and attend.

To get a better feel for how to conduct a teleseminar, attend some yourself.


The goal of this book is to help mental health practitioners build thriving managed-care free private practices.

One of the themes I hope I have conveyed is that psychology is not just for DSM diagnoses.

While we have discussed ways to market traditional services, diversification is important, as it increases the chances we can generate sufficient income to operate outside of managed care.

Multiple streams of psychotherapy income can be developed in one’s practice.

When I decided to build a manage-care free practice, I gave considerable thought to how

I could provide private-pay services. I explored how I could use my skills in ways that people would readily pay.

Many psychologists and other mental health professionals are successful in consulting in the workplace for the benefit of employees and employers. Business consulting can be a very lucrative income stream.

Like many practitioners, I found my skills could be applied in the business arena. Today, through a business I started called Leadership Concepts, I offer services in the areas of business consulting, executive, business and career coaching and seminars and workshops for businesses. This has proven to be a solid and growing income stream for me, and it is work I really enjoy.

Other ways to diversify into consulting include behavioral medicine, forensics and sports psychology.

Consulting is a very broad and diverse area, so I won’t scrape the surface of the possibilities here. But perhaps I can give you good directions for exploration.

If this area is new for you, you will be surprised to find out the many valuable ways our psychology and mental health expertise can be of benefit to people in the workplace.

Our background makes us capable of assisting businesses with many different barriers to productivity.

To familiarize yourself with this terrain, I suggest you do a Google search using the keywords “business,” “consulting” and “psychologist” and browse the web sites that come up.

Forensic Consulting

Another specific type of consulting is worth considering separately.

Forensic consulting has to do with psychological or mental health service specifically related to the court system.

Often times, a court has to deal with issues that impinge on mental health issues.

Some of these include:

Criminal cases

Civil cases

Family cases and other

In addition, attorneys often need help sorting out the issues when questions of a psychological nature occur in their cases. They retain psychologists and other experts to review files and help them prepare for depositions or cross-examination of experts.

Psychologists and other professionals can inform the court on issues, perform assessments and testify as experts.

Consultants in this area testifying as experts typically receive $1,000 to $2,000 for their testimony.

I find that this niche is an attractive one for several reasons:

If you find this an interesting prospect as a part of your practice, then I encourage you to begin taking some training workshops to familiarize yourself with the terrain.

Web sites

Revenue streams can be active or passive. Therapy sessions, therapy groups, workshops and consulting services are all active forms of revenue streams. You exchange your time and skills for a fee.

Passive revenue is revenue from streams that do not involve service delivery, but once set up, occur automatically 24/7. A common form of passive revenue is income from products sold on a web site.

Can you see the advantages of passive revenue? Can therapists develop passive revenue streams? You bet!

Therapists can productize their most useful expertise and offer information products to benefit others.

Some of these we already looked at, like books, e-books and e-courses. These can all be offered on a web site for web seekers to obtain and utilize to fill their needs.

There are other possibilities as well, such as licensing programs.

As an example of a passive revenue web site effectively offering information products to a specific niche, see

Passive income streams utilizing the internet via web sites are a burgeoning area for many service professionals, but few mental health professionals are taking advantage of the potential so far.

This will be changing soon.

Active income streams can also be marketed on the internet.

Web sites can also be effectively used as a marketing tool for your fee-for-service practice. More and more therapists are putting up web sites and for good reasons.

A web site is your practice brochure, available any time, day or night, to seekers on the internet. People you meet, people who hear you give a presentation and people referred to you by another professional, can be directed to view your web site, find out more about you and, hopefully, be stimulated to contact you.

A simple, attractive, intriguing postcard sent to a mailing list can direct your niche market to your web site. Or, your yellow page ad in the phone book can include your web address.

A web site is much more than a brochure. It is also a potentially powerful marketing vehicle, when combined with internet marketing strategies.

If you decide to have a web site for your practice, or for a particular niche service, make it full of resources (articles and free information) that will attract people to it and make them want to spread the word.

Although beyond the scope of this article, internet marketing strategies can be developed to drive people to your web site.

Increasingly, people are beginning their search for products and services on the internet.

The yellow pages are not the first choice for many.

Are you effectively represented on the Internet?

Licensing Programs

After you have developed effective structured programs for your niches, you can license the use of these programs to other professionals.

Other therapists have been doing this for years. Psychologist Dr. Daniel Dana, a conflict resolution specialist, certifies mediators and licenses his program at

Another example can be found at, as we mentioned previously. Howard Glasser, M.A. offers a parenting approach and program, as well as other materials, for ADHD children. His program involves a book, a training program for parents and a training and certification program for therapists.

His program is called “Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach.”

One of my coaching clients is certified in this program and speaks highly of it.

Howard Glasser’s web site actually models several streams of income, including a book, workshops, training other professionals, licensing or certification and internet marketing for all the above including his practice.

These “programs in a box” are typically complete turnkey therapy, counseling or consulting programs that therapists can purchase. They are usually complete, including the structured program itself, instructor materials, workbooks and also include marketing pieces you can use to generate business.

For those of you who want to do niche marketing but prefer not to do the creating part, you may want to find out whether someone has developed a program you can utilize to serve your niche.

Someone may have done the work for you.

If you can find a program suitable for your niche market, you could be a few days away from having a marketable service in your repertoire.

Training Other Professionals

When you have developed an effective program, you can leverage it by training others in your approach and methods.

Innovators in therapy have been training others for years. If you develop a specialization, program or niche service in a growing area, you may find many other therapists would like to learn from you.

Sometimes the innovation is mainly in how a service is packaged.

You can train other professionals via live workshops, self-study program packages and teleseminars.

Diversification by developing a number of streams of psychotherapy income increases the chances you can create sustainable income and can be rewarding in other ways too.