Why Should You Choose Us?

Finding the proper firm to provide the finest service for you might be challenging. We recognise this, which is why we have hand-picked some of the industry’s greatest mediators.

Osprey Nest Mediation Services was founded in 2016 as a collection of experts dedicated to enhancing communication via mediation.

Prior to forming Osprey Nest Mediation Services, our award-winning mediators provided their skills to families, companies, and communities for several generations. The Importance of Family Mediators in guildford

The advantages of working with us

  • We have a satisfaction record of more than 90% across all of our services.
  • Our experts are highly qualified, experienced, and self-sufficient.
  • Our devoted professionals will walk you through each step of the procedure with ease.

If you require assistance in reaching an agreement, Osprey Nest Mediation Services can assist you.

Our committed team of specialists is here to offer you with an unbiased and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Our Principles:

  • To guarantee that we maximise the effect for you by utilising our complete range of talents
  • To serve you with our services in an empathetic, timely, and ethical manner.
  • That we use a pragmatic approach, guaranteeing that you achieve your objectives
  • To maintain an open and honest connection with you.

Regardless of your location in the country, we have professionals ready to assist and support you.

Our Team


Ryan is the Director of Osprey Nest Mediation Services, a firm that specialises in family, civil, disability, and employment mediation.

Jessica Powell

Jessica Powell is the Executive Assistant of Osprey Nest Mediation Services and works closely with the company's director. She is in charge of project management, accounting, administration, and social media presence.

Amy Morley

Amy Morley has been a mediator for over three decades, having qualified as a solicitor in 1980 and working as a litigation practitioner in family and negligence disputes for ten years.

Mollie Stephens

Mollie Stephens is a mediator and community practitioner located in London. She has vast experience working in the not-for-profit sector.